Usage: hyper push [OPTIONS] NAME[:TAG]

Push an image or a repository to the registry

  --disable-content-trust=true   Skip image signing
  --help=false                   Print usage

Use hyper push to share your images to the Docker Hub registry or to a self-hosted one.


Push a new image to a registry

First save the new image by finding the container ID (using [hyper ps -a] and then committing it to a new image name. Note that only a-z0-9-_. are allowed when naming images:

$ hyper commit 50d6ab76a13a user/testimage:v1

Now, push the image to the registry using the image ID. In this example the registry is Docker Hub.

$ hyper push user/testimage:v1

Check that this worked by running:

$ hyper images

You should see user/testimage:v1 listed.