Usage: hyper exec [OPTIONS] CONTAINER COMMAND [ARG...]

Run a command in a running container

            -d, --detach=false         Detached mode: run command in the background
            --help=false               Print usage
            -t, --tty                  Allocate a pseudo-TTY
            -i, --interactive=false    Keep STDIN open even if not attached

The hyper exec command runs a new command in a running container.


$ hyper run --name ubuntu-bash --rm -i -t ubuntu bash

This will create a container named ubuntu-bash and start a Bash session.

$ hyper exec -d ubuntu-bash touch /tmp/execWorks

This will create a new file /tmp/execWorks inside the default (only) container in the running container ubuntu-bash, in the background.

$ hyper exec -it ubuntu-bash bash

This will create a new Bash session in the container ubuntu-bash.