volume ls

Usage: hyper volume ls [OPTIONS]

List volumes

  -f, --filter=[]      Provide filter values (i.e. 'dangling=true')
  --format           Pretty-print containers using a Go template
  --help=false         Print usage
  -q, --quiet=false    Only display volume names

Lists all the volumes Hyper knows about. You can filter using the -f or --filter flag. The filtering format is a key=value pair. To specify more than one filter, pass multiple flags (for example, --filter "foo=bar" --filter "bif=baz")

There is a single supported filter dangling=value which takes a boolean of true or false.

Example output:

$ hyper volume create --name rose
$ hyper volume create --name tyler --size=50
$ hyper volume ls
DRIVER              VOLUME NAME         SIZE                CONTAINER
hyper               rose                10g
hyper               tyler               50g
$ hyper volume ls --format {{.Name}}