func inspect

Usage: hyper func inspect [OPTIONS] NAME [NAME...]

Display detailed information on the given function

-f, --format       Format the output using the given go template
--help             Print usage

By default, this will render all results in a JSON array. Go’s text/template package describes all the details of the format.


Inspect a function:

$ hyper func inspect helloworld
        "Name": "helloworld",
        "ContainerSize": "s4",
        "Timeout": 300,
        "UUID": "e62c014e-386c-42ea-8d07-41d44e98cc3d",
        "Created": "2017-03-16T07:05:24.473Z",
        "Config": {
            "Env": [],
            "Cmd": [
            "Image": "ubuntu",
            "StopSignal": "SIGTERM"
        "HostConfig": {
            "NetworkMode": "bridge"
        "NetworkingConfig": {
            "EndpointsConfig": null