cron create

Usage: hyper cron create [OPTIONS] IMAGE [COMMAND] [ARG...]

Create a new cron

  --access-key             Access key to run the cron job
  --container-name         Cron container name
  --dom=*                  The day of month of cron expression
  -e, --env=[]             Set environment variables
  --entrypoint             Overwrite the default ENTRYPOINT of the image
  --env-file=[]            Read in a file of environment variables
  --expose=[]              Expose a port or a range of ports
  -h, --hostname           Container host name
  --help                   Print usage
  --hour                   The hour of cron expression
  -l, --label=[]           Set meta data on a container
  --label-file=[]          Read in a line delimited file of labels
  --link=[]                Add link to another container
  --mail=on-failure        Mail policy to apply when to send email
  --mailto                 Mail to while the cron has something
  --minute                 The minutes of cron expression
  --month=*                The month of cron expression
  --name                   Cron name
  --noauto-volume          Do not create volumes specified in image
  -P, --publish-all        Publish all exposed ports to random ports
  -p, --publish=[]         Publish a container's port(s) to the host
  --restart=no             Restart policy to apply when a container exits
  --secret-key             Secret key to run the cron job
  --sg=[]                  Security group for each container
  --size=s4                The size of cron containers (e.g. s1, s2, s3, s4, m1, m2, m3, l1, l2, l3)
  --stop-signal=SIGTERM    Signal to stop a container, SIGTERM by default
  -v, ---volume=[]         Volume for each container
  -w, --workdir            Working directory inside the container
  --week=*                 The day of week of cron expression


Create a cron job which pings an address every 5 minutes:

$ hyper cron create --minute=*/15 --hour=* --name test-cron-job1 busybox ping -c 3
latest: Pulling from library/busybox
Digest: sha256:29f5d56d12684887bdfa50dcd29fc31eea4aaf4ad3bec43daf19026a7ce69912
Status: Image is up to date for busybox:latest

Cron test-cron-job1 is created.

Check the cron jobs:

$ hyper cron ls
Name                Schedule            Image               Command
test-cron-job1      */5 * * * *         busybox             ping -c 3