Push an image on the registry

POST /images/(name)/push

Push the image name on the registry

Example request:

POST /images/test/push HTTP/1.1

Example response:

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: application/json

{"status": "Pushing..."}
{"status": "Pushing", "progress": "1/? (n/a)", "progressDetail": {"current": 1}}}
{"error": "Invalid..."}

If you wish to push an image on to a private registry, that image must already have a tag into a repository which references that registry hostname and port. This repository name should then be used in the URL. This duplicates the command line's flow.

The push is cancelled if the HTTP connection is closed.

Example request:

POST /images/registry.acme.com:5000/test/push HTTP/1.1

Query Parameters:

  • tag – The tag to associate with the image on the registry. This is optional.

Request Headers:

  • X-Registry-Auth – base64-encoded AuthConfig object, containing either login information, or a token

    • Credential based login:

            "username": "jdoe",
            "password": "secret",
            "email": "jdoe@acme.com",
    • Token based login:

            "registrytoken": "9cbaf023786cd7..."

Status Codes:

  • 200 – no error
  • 404 – no such image
  • 500 – server error