Call a function

GET/POST/PUT/DELETE https://$$name/$uuid[/sync]


Call a function (by default the call is asynchronous, add the /sync parameter for synchronous call).

The endpoint should be $, and no signature authentication requirements.

Example call:



Example response:

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: application/json

  "CallId": "218b7b10-e7f1-4c48-ac3c-66792f8ffc06"

URL parameters:

  • $region - Supported region.
  • $name - The function name.
  • $uuid - The uuid of func.
  • /sync - Block until the function call has completed.

Json parameters:

  • CallId - The call id of a function call.

Status Codes:

  • 200 - no error
  • 404 - no such function
  • 413 - request entity too large
  • 500 - server error
  • If the /sync parameter is used: same status codes as with the get endpoint.


  • The finished/failed function call will be removed once the api with /sync parameter is successfully called.