Monitor events

This is a websocket api, it supports to watch start and stop event of container(s).

The entrypoint of the websocket api is wss://${REGION} In addition, it's same as other apis.

As a reference, here is an example websocket client (written by golang)

The websocket connection will be closed from the server side if:

  • Server restart for maintaining
  • Connection opened for a long time (exceed 24 hours by default)
  • Error occured.

So the client should handle the close and reconnect if needed.

GET /events/ws

Example request:

//watch all containers
GET /events/ws

Example response:

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: application/json

  "Action": "start",
  "Actor": {
    "Attributes": {
      "": "",
      "exitCode": "0",
      "image": "xjimmyshcn/busybox",
      "name": "test4",
      "sh_hyper_instancetype": "s4",
      "test1": "",
      "test2": "test2",
      "test3": "test3=test3"
    "ID": "f29698cac3f6f66e84790fb12b3e5e4f3455b89b3ff12150ac4d86b8b90d9179"
  "Type": "container",
  "from": "xjimmyshcn/busybox",
  "id": "f29698cac3f6f66e84790fb12b3e5e4f3455b89b3ff12150ac4d86b8b90d9179",
  "status": "start",
  "time": 1.476375852e+09,
  "timeNano": 1.4763758521916593e+18

Example request, filter by container:

GET /events/ws?filters={"container":{"test":true}} HTTP/1.1

Example request, filter by image:

GET /events/ws?filters={"image":{"ubuntu":true}} HTTP/1.1

Example request, filter by event:

GET /events/ws?filters={"event":{"start":true}} HTTP/1.1

Example request, filter by label:

GET /events/ws?filters={"label":{"sh_hyper_instancetype=s4":true}} HTTP/1.1

Example request, compound filter:

GET /events/ws?filters={"event":{"stop":true},"label":{"sh_hyper_instancetype=s4":true}} HTTP/1.1

Query Parameters:

filters – A json encoded value of the filters (a map[string][]string) to process on the event list. Available filters:

  • container=; – container to filter
  • event=; – event to filter, valid value : start|stop
  • image=; – image to filter
  • label=; – container label to filter

Status Codes:

  • 101 – switching protocols
  • 400 - bad request parameter
  • 429 - too many requests
  • 500 – server error